Project Name: JICA Technical Cooperation Project in Kenya for Strengthening of Capacity on Road Maintenance Management through Contracting


  1. Three road administration authority was established as implementing bodies in 2009
  2. Ministry encourages contracting out the road maintenance work for deteriorating road

Project Objective

Contract management cycle shall be improved

Phase1 project term: May. 2010 - May. 2013

  1. Standard Tender Documents under Unit Rate Based/ Performance Based Term Contract
  2. Cost Estimation Manual
  3. Supervision and Contract Evaluation System
  4. Introduction of DRIMS (IRI measurement device)

Phase2 project term: Nov. 2013 - Mar. 2016

  1. PBC (Performance Based Contract) manual
  2. Training program for PBC and Cost estimation
  3. IRI measurement enhancement by DRIMS

Phase3 project term: Dec. 2016 - Nov. 2019

  1. Contract management cycle establishment

Road Maintenance Works under Performance Based Term Contract

The road network in Kenya has approximately 170,000 km, but the maintenance budget for this is not sufficient. Therefore, Performance Based Contract (PBC) road maintenance was first adopted in 2010 aiming at efficient budget execution by actively utilizing private technologies.

Introducing one/multi year(s) term contract scheme for maintenance work replacing the conventional spot and short-term contracting.

  • Preventative maintenance rather than reactive one
  • Enabling quick response at emergency cases
PBC pilot project progress to date

The JICA technical corporation projects supports strengthening capacity of Road Authority on road maintenance management through contracting.

Cost Estimation Manual for Road Maintenance Works
Standard Tender Documents for Unit Rate Based/ Performance Based Term Contract
Supervision and Contract Evaluation System/Manual for Road Works
PBC Guideline
Cost Estimation Manual for PBC