Hanshin Expressway has a long-standing tradition on Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility.
Engaging with customers and communities is part of our guiding principles. We place importance on communities and implement a variety of social responsibility activities, including environmental and aesthetic measures.

Internship program for college students

We contribute to cultivate human resources of future generation by accepting college students, providing latest knowledge and technology in the field and oppotunities to let them think their carrer path.

Site visit at tunnel construction site
Site tour at ventilation station

Workshop at elementary school

We have held visiting workshops at the elemantary schools for teaching the role of expressway and the importance of civil engineering.

experiments by making paper bridges
Lecture by Hanshin Expressway's staff

Aesthetic considerations

In the Osaka Bay area, we illuminate the longspan bridges ,Minato bridge and Higashi Kobe Bridge, on weekend since 2017 in order to contribute to create of vibrant regional atmosphere.

Minato Bridge
Higashi-Kobe bridge

Environmental considerations

Banner-made bags

Recycle banner project

We recycle the banner used on our expressways.
Taking advantage of the characteristics of the banner, which are colorful and strong against wind and rain, we change it into bags, grass-proof sheets,stretcers,etc.

Noise barrier

Noise barrier

In order to reduce the noise arised from vehicles in the expressway, we install the noise barrier.

Roadside green belt

Roadside green belt

We construct the green belt for alleviating the noise and improving air condition on the roadside.

High performance pavement

We installs the "High-Performance Pavement." The High-Performance pavement is also called the "High-drainage Pavement" or "Noise-reduction [Noise-reducing] Pavement" This pavement has numerous apertures in its subsurface layer that make drainage smoother and contribute to reduce traffic accidents on rainy days. This pavement also reduces noise generated by friction between tires and the road surface.

Conventional pavement
Conventional pavement
high-drainage pavement
high-drainage pavement

Rooftop Greening System

We installed the rooftop greening system was adopted in order to make an environmentally friendly rooftop for buildings and tollgates.