JICA Experts

Hanshin Expressway has been providing comprehensive expressway services including land acquisition, construction, management, operation and maintenance of expressways for half a century.

We started providing our technical expertise to developing countries in the 1970s as programs of technical cooperation related to the road field through the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).
We have so far sent over 40 long- and short-term specialists to various countries including those mainly in Asia as well as in Africa, Central America and South America. Our specialists sent to those countries are divided into two types: one, or long-term specialist, who stays in a country for over one year, and the other, or short-term specialist, who stays for less than one year.
Our specialists are sent to developing countries at their request in the capacity of leaders. Before they are sent, they learn the history, culture, customs, and climate of the requesting countries to have a good understanding of this knowledge. Their service has enjoyed a high reputation among requesting countries.

Short-term specialists serve as members of survey teams whose major purpose is preparation of master plans related to development projects and implementation of technical feasibility study. They are also sent as leaders in implementation of development projects. For road-building plan and research, they have many meetings with government officials of requesting countries during field surveys or in each stage of planning or design development, prepare survey reports on feasibility of a development projects, and submit them to the requesting countries, thereby playing a part in development planning in developing countries.

Long-term specialists stay with government agencies, examination or research institutes, or education and training organizations at the request of development countries and conduct project development, provision of technical guidance to local engineers, provision of advice, and implementation of survey and research.

Our long-term specialists are currently engaged in improvement of Kenyan engineers' capability for road development, maintenance and management. Their service is reported to be of high value for the requesting country.

Site visit with local team

Technical Exchange

Hanshin Expressway has been establishing a relationship of trust with various countries through dispatch of short-term and long-term specialists for many years. We have signed a memorandum on technical cooperation with the following organizations for the purpose of further deepening the relationship with organizations in the road field and actively providing technical cooperation. Based on this memorandum, we send our employees and accept trainees from those organizations. We intend to develop our business in foreign countries in the future.

Signed MoU


Ministry of Public Works and Transport


  • Jiangsu Transportation Research Institute Company Limited
  • Jiangsu Communication Holdings Company Limited
  • Science and Technology Committee of Shanghai Municipal Urban-Rural Development and Transportation Commission
  • Zhejiang Expressway Company Limited
  • Zhejiang Communications Investment Group Company Limited


Expressway Authority of Thailand


Autoroutes du Maroc

Sining MoU with Autoroutes du Maroc
Signing MoU among HECL, Expressway Authority of Thailand and Metropolitan Expressway Co., Ltd.
Signing MoU among HECL,
Expressway Authority of Thailand and
Metropolitan Expressway Co., Ltd.
Siging MoU with Zhejiang Expressway Co., Ltd.
Siging MoU with Zhejiang Expressway Co., Ltd.