Toll Collection Process

1. Entrances

Those paying with cash or ETC Card (without ETC In-vehicle device) should use a lane displaying 一般 or ETC一般 and pay tolls. ETC users should use an ETC lane, passing through at 20 km/h or below.
Attention: Keep inserting an ETC card into the in-vehicle device from Entrance to Exit.

Drivers paying with cash will be issued a "receipt / pass" at the Entrance Toll Gate. Please submit your "receipt / pass" to the toll collecting staff when you pass through the Expressway Toll Gate or Exit.

Picture of issuance of a "receipt / pass"

Receipt / pass

2. Exits (Tollgates)

ETC users should pass through Exits inserting an ETC card into the in-vehicle device.(ETC card must be same card used at Entrances)

Payment Methods


Only cash payments in Japanese yen are accepted. Please exchange your money ahead of time.


It is necessary to have the ETC in-vehicle device and ETC card in your car to pay tolls with ETC. *The ETC card is not like an ordinary credit card. It is available with the ETC car in-vehicle device.