Installed Locations

Emergency phones are installed every 300 to 500 meters (every 100 meters in a tunnel).

How to Use

Talking on an emergency phone as a rule needs to be done in Japanese, but the phone has instructions written in English on how to use the emergency phone (see photo). The phone also has buttons with illustrations for use in an emergency (breakdown, accident, paramedics, fire). If you press the relevant button, it will help the person at the Hanshin Expressway's Traffic Control Office to assess your situation.

Open the cabinet of the emergency phone and lift the receiver to connect to the Traffic Control Office of the Hanshin Expressway. The staff at the office will know your location immediately. They will check the situation with cameras or other monitoring equipment and as necessary notify the police, or call the fire department or paramedics, and wherever possible send a Hanshin Expressway patrol car. If you have used an emergency phone, keep the door to the phone cabinet open and the receiver off the hook. The call is free of charge. You can talk only with the Traffic Control Office of the Hanshin Expressway.