YOSHIDA Koichi President
YOSHIDA Koichi President
Hanshin Expressway Co., Ltd.

Hanshin Expressway's 258.1km network is one of the major traffic arteries of urban areas in Kansai Region. In order to contribute to the development of people's life and Kansai economy by constructing and managing the network, and to realize safety, security, and comfort of our customers, Hanshin Expressway Group is working hard under our core corporate philosophy of "Pursuing More Advanced Expressway Service".
Firstly with regard to network development, we proceed with the construction of the Yodogawa-Sagan Route (2nd and 3rd Phase Projects) and the Osaka Wangan Route (Western Extension Project), both of which will dedicate to the sustainable development of the region by eliminating the missing network link, alleviating traffic congestion, and strengthening the logistic function of the region.
Regarding operation and maintenance of existing network, we promote large-scale renewal and repair projects for aging structures and intensive repair works as well as enhance traffic safety and disaster mitigation measures in order to ensure that customers can continue to use Hanshin Expressway safely for a long period.
Furthermore, in order to let our customers truly have safe, secure, and comfortable driving experience, we commissioned "Customer Satisfaction Improvement Plan" where we initiate various concrete actions such as new traffic congestion countermeasures and more sophisticated traffic information provision.
In addition, as a precondition for conducting these various initiatives, we promote work style reform of the company to increase work productivity and quality by reviewing work procedures and implementing various work-hour and workplace settings.
Hanshin Expressway Group keeps on challenging to realize the 'Hanshin Expressway Group Vision 2030' showing targets to be achieved by 2030 in all aspects of our activities. As one of major contributors for the further development of Kansai Region as well as trusted partners of local community, we will make every effort based on the basic policy of "thoroughly caring customers' viewpoints." Your continuous understanding and cooperation are very much appreciated.