Kazunori Yuki President
Kazunori Yuki President
Hanshin Expressway Co., Ltd.

First, I would like to express my appreciation for the continuous efforts made in order to assist our enterprises.
Since the foundation in 2005, we have tackled a variety of projects aiming at providing a safe, secure, and comfortable network of expressways that satisfies our customer's needs, in line with our corporate philosophy "Toward more advanced road management". With Totalling 250.4 km, our expressways serve as main arteries for transportation in the Kansai metropolitan area. Also, they are a key component of Kansai's economic infrastructure, indispensable to people's lives and essential for the region's economic development.
In the Osaka district, we will continue to devote our utmost effort to the construction of the Yodogawa-Sagan and Yamatogawa Route, which will form a portion of a ring road to be constructed under Osaka urban redevelopment projects. We will also concentrate our efforts in order to develop our operation on new directions, as well as the present basic policy.
In 2012 the Hanshin Expressway shifted to distance-based toll system, and we surely make more effort to satisfy our customers. In addition, our "Management Improving Project" will realize further reforming including improvement customer satisfaction, cost reduction and a proper order.
Hanshin Expressway can hold only together with the development of our local society. We all will remain committed to fulfill expectations together with local communities through countermeasures such as strengthening disaster prevention. We will do our best in order to continue to be the "Being loved and trusted Hanshin Expressway".
We hope to receive your continued support and cooperation.