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This website (http://www.hanshin-exp.co.jp) (hereafter, "the site") is operated by the Hanshin Expressway Co., Ltd. (hereafter, "the company" or "we") and offers information related to the expressway and the company and its businesses. You may use the site only upon agreeing with the following items. Also, please be aware that the company may change the site's acceptable use policy at any time.

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RSS Syndication

The site (http://www.hanshin-exp.co.jp) features an RSS syndication function that supplies notification of updates of press releases and bid contract information.
This service is experimental, so it may be canceled or suspended without notice. Also, please be aware that the content of the RSS feed and its format on the site may also be changed without prior notice.

RSS Feed

RSS is an acronym for "Rich Site Summary." It allows you to efficiently aggregate information updates without visiting the relevant Web pages. To retrieve the information syndicated via an RSS feed requires an RSS reader, which is an app or online service. (RSS readers can be obtained for free from well-known portal sites, for example.) By registering the link provided above in the RSS reader, you can immediately view a list of articles on the site.
* Please be aware that we cannot answer any questions on how to use our RSS feed or a third-party RSS reader app and its functions.


The text, photos, illustrations, video, music, software, etc. (hereafter, "content") on the site are protected by copyrights belonging to Hanshin Expressway Co., Ltd. and its group companies (hereafter "the company") and third parties. It is permissible for personal use to print out or download the content and save the data on your computer, but not permissible to publish it on another site or in print. Other uses of content from the site are prohibited if they exceed the bounds permitted by copyright laws and take place without permission from the copyright holder.


The company takes great care when putting information on the site, but does not guarantee all the information to be correct, properly updated, or useful. We shall not be liable for any errors in the information on the site or for any trouble that occurs from use of that information. The company also takes no responsibility for any damages, no matter the reason, due to changes in the information or suspension or cessation of the site's operation. Nor do we take any responsibility for any other detriment or software or hardware trouble caused by use of the site. Please be aware that the information, etc., on the site is subject to change or deletion without notice.


As a rule this site may be linked to without restriction. However, please observe the following rules.

  1. Please make it clear that the link is to our company website.
  2. If frames are used, linking to the site is not permitted if you present the site as if it were part of your site, or if there may be confusion on the part of the viewer as to the origin of the information.
  3. You may not link to the site if any of the following conditions are true, even if there is compliance with the conditions in the two sections above.
    • Site content violates public order and standards of decency.
    • Site content violates the copyright of the company or third parties or infringes on intellectual property rights, or appears to do so.
    • Site content damages the company or third parties through slander or such, or appears to do so.
    • Site content that violates or appears to violate laws and ordinances.
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