As it can be seen in the examples of Semba Viaduct on #13 Higashi-Osaka Route and the Nakanoshima S-shaped Bridge on #11 Ikeda Route which penetrates the Asahi Shimbun Building, the Hanshin Expressway(HEX) has been furthering integrated development of roads and buildings. The multi-level road development system, established in 1998, has contributed to effective utilization of airspace* above and beneath roads in urban areas. HEX has employed this system in five places. HEX will continue to promote the application of this system in order to widen the possibilities of utilizing road space in highly dense areas, thereby contributing to greater urban vitalization.

Air space utilization system application examples
Road Act

* "Airspace" is space located above, at, or below the expressway's established gridline, lying within the approved right-of-way limits.

Umeda Off-ramp,
#11 Ikeda Route

Umeda Off-ramp, #11 Ikeda Route

The Umeda off-ramp plays an important role in enhancing accessibility between Umeda area, which is the central business district in Osaka City, and the suburbs where is HEX running through. In addition, this ramp contributes to alleviating traffic congestion on #11 Osaka-Ikeda Route. HEX owns partial airspace ownership for the right-of-way of this ramp whose structure is independent from the building owned by the private entity.

Semba Viaduct,
#13 Higashi-Osaka Route

Semba Viaduct, #13 Higashi-Osaka Route

This area is historically famous as a commercial avenue, so in order to keep Semba district functioning as a commercial district, we employed airspace utilization system at this area. Semba Viaduct is a unique structure, which is structurally combined with the buildings beneath the expressway. This is one of the earliest applications of the multi-level roadway concept, by which expressways and buildings are coordinated in a unified structure.

Izumiotsu Parking Area,
#4 Wangan Route

Izumiotsu Parking Area, #4 Wangan Route

In order to enhance expressway customers' convenience and comfort, the HEX provides a parking area on the #4 Wangan Route with many service facilities including a traffic information terminals, cafeterias and rest facilities designed to be accessible to the disabled. These service facilities are located in the twin buildings (seen in the picture) that have been built as a part of the redevelopment project at the port of Izumiotsu City. HEX owns shared property ownership for using three floors of the buildings.

Minatomachi Ramps,
#15 Sakai Route

Minatomachi Ramps, #15 Sakai Route

This project is designed for the integrated development of "on- " and "off-ramp" and buildings, in order to cope with the serious increase in traffic demand which has been incurred by the opening of Kansai International Airport (KIX). The south off-ramp, opened in 1997, goes through the Osaka City Air Terminal Station (OCAT). The OCAT is a hybrid terminal station that consists of a railway station, bus depots, and these facilities are directly connected to the ramp.