Traffic Administration Crew

Besides the introduction of ITS, daily patrol activity is essential in order to operate the Hanshin Expressway network smoothly. Well-trained traffic administration crews ride in our yellow patrol cars and patrol the expressway frequently. They process traffic accidents with police officers and collect debris on the road. Also, they can fill in potholes on the road surface. A sophisticated expressway service is achieved by these professional activities and customers' inconvenience is always kept at a minimum.

Prevention of Vehicle Overload

In recent years, freight vehicles have been getting larger in size, and some of them are suspected of being illegally loaded. Overloaded vehicles endanger traffic safety and the structural healthiness of roads. Furthermore, they could create noise and vibration which cause discomfort for roadside residents. In order to deal with this matter, our company carries out countermeasures in cooperation with police officers aimed at cracking down on overloaded vehicles.
In addition, with the wide use of ETC, vehicles have started to pass thorough the toll gates at high speed. Therefore, the Hanshin Expressway has developed a "High-precision Automatic Axle Weighing System" and has installed such systems at toll gates.