Measures against Toll Violation

Active efforts are being made to eliminate toll violation, such as installation of warning antennas, and implementation of educational campaigns. In particular, a violation enforcement system (VES)* is fully taken advantage of in order to collect tolls and compensation payment for those who go through gates without paying.

*The VES system consists of cameras that automatically take pictures of the vehicles passing through tollgates, and managing devices by which pictures and other data are automatically stored and managed. Offenders are track down and billed for tolls incurred VES, in combination with an axle weighing device, can also be used to identify and crack down on vehicles over the weight.

Violation Enforcement System

Major Case Examples of Illegal Use

  • Cars pass through the gate without stopping even though the roadside indicator (LED indication) shows "Stop" at ETC only lanes and ETC/non-ETC lanes. Cars break away the closed bars. Cars closely follow the leading cars and pass through the gate before the bar closes.
  • Cars pass through a gate of the general lane without paying the toll by handing over cash or ETC card.
  • Cars pass through the gate using false ETC card or expired ETC card.
  • At a toll gate where pass or ticket needs to be submitted, drivers submit invalid passes or tickets or pass through without showing them.

Larger vehicles have onboard units set up as smaller vehicles installed in their cars and pass through the gate as smaller cars.
Some drivers use some other illegal means that allow them to go through the gate without paying the toll they are supposed to pay.

Penalties to Illegal Passing

When drivers avoid payment of toll by using illegal means, a fine of not more than ¥300,000 will be imposed on them.
They are also required to pay the amount of money equivalent to the toll they avoided to pay and an additional charge (equivalent to twice the toll they escaped). Furthermore, when they reject payment, they will be charged payment of arrears of 10.75% a year for the toll and additional charge.

(Articles 26 and 59 of the Act concerning Special Measures for Improvement of Roads, Article 4 of the Hanshin Expressway Co. Ltd. Service Clause, and Article 32 of the Hanshin Expressway Operation Regulations)