More than the majority of the expressway roads were constructed over 40 years ago.

Since the start of our service in 1964, we have been expanding the total length of expressway network, which has greatly enhanced customers' convenience through improved accessibility to wide areas. This means 83.3 km, or about 30% of the total length of our expressways in the Hanshin district, or 249 km, have already passed 40 years since their completion as of April 2014. In 10 years, they will be over 50 years old, which means over half the total roads will have passed 40 years since their completion.

Years from the start of service

Roads Deteriorating due to Severe Usage and Urgent Task of Restoration

The current traffic volume is over 740,000 vehicles a day. Large vehicles that uses our expressway roads are about six times more in number than those using ordinary roads. Since there is no denying that the expressway roads are very severely used because of an enormous traffic volume, it is surely an urgent task to cope with aging of the expressway structures.

Traffic volume comparison