The concept of 'Asset management of roads' is based on the idea of understanding the performance of bridges, tunnels, roads, etc. And making use of the opportunity of their deterioration in the future, to maintain more cost-effective maintenance of these assets.

The road assets under the management of Hanshin Expressway have a strong character as public property, and it has the responsibility to secure the public's safety and customers' satisfaction. Thus, it is necessary to reduce maintenance operations and maintenance expenses that can only continue to occur over the long term.

For this reason, Hanshin Expressway is actively engaged in asset management in order to implement an efficient management of road assets, and the maintenance management tool by introducing and developing the idea of a "bridge management system (H-BMS)"

The "bridge management system (H-BMS)" functions is based on :

1) The estimation of deterioration conditions using stored inspection results and deterioration curves interpreted  from repair history data,
2) The calculation of necessary maintenance expenses of the structure for an appropriate performance level in the long time.
3) The consideration of the long-term functional level, priority in repair expenses of the structures in the future that is used to formulate optimum maintenance plan.