In accordance with the extension of the in-service period of the expressway and the increase of in-service number of years, and as the information necessary for maintenance is gradually increasing, it become essentially important to accurately understand the enormous amount of information in order to accurately perform efficient maintenance.

The required information :

(1) Large quantity of information about the equipment

(2) Daily inspection result report,

(3) The volume of history information of repair work is constantly increasing every year. Thus, the information and data management tends to be more and more complicated.

In order to solve this problem,

(1) We unified  the maintenance management information of structure assets is practicable,

(2) We established a maintenance information management system that can supply and utilize the necessary information in a timely manner.

With the large quantity of stored data in the maintenance information management system, it is possible to output depending on the purpose by using each function.

The functions of this system are the following :

Generalized retrieval system

This system is able to provide us with the output inspection results by routes, for each asset, repair and inspection, etc.

Completion bibliographic search system

This system is able to make the extraction of the registered work by the type of roads and engineering structures, to output the reference of the drawing catalogs and completion drawings.

"Periodic inspection and maintenance management system" and "Daily inspection and maintenance management system":

Input of inspection results, search according to conditions and negation of repair and maintenance results

"Photo album output system  of the damage occurring in the Periodic inspection":

Based on the registered inspection results data,  we can output the photo attached list (Used for structural repair and maintenance)
Periodic inspection

Periodic inspection repair rate management table output system

Refer to the list of repair and maintenance countermeasure rate by countermeasure category each route and inspection year.

Bridge management system (H-BMS_GIS):

The display of the Map of overall and structural deterioration prediction.