Intensive through Work by All-lane Closures

This method aims to minimize the impact on traffic in a central city area by conducting road construction intensively at one time. Major construction targets include road paving and expansion joints.
Hanshin Expressway adopted this method in 1973, and has carried out maintenance work using it under it approximately once every year since 1985.
Before starting such intensive maintenance work, we always request cooperation from the public through a publicity campaign and intensive advertisement.

Effectiveness of Intensive Repair Work (FY2007: Sakai Route / Nishi-Osaka Route) versus Weekend only Repair Work
Item Traffic control
(only weekend)
All-lane closure Benefits
Work duration 241days
(about 5 years)
Cost of time loss for drivers 9.2billion JPY 5.9billion JPY ▲3.3billion JPY ↓
Amount of traffic congestion 6,001km·h 173km·h 1/35 ↓
Pavement repair work
Pavement repair work
Expansion Joint repair work
Expansion Joint repair work