Inspection implementation

The primary object of maintenance work is to maintain the expressways in good condition.
All structures on Hanshin Expressway are regularly checked and inspected to evaluate actual conditions.

Routine Inspection

To prevent third-party disasters, on-road inspection patrols are conducted basically three times a week in order to detect damage on road surfaces, while off-road inspection patrols are conducted basically six times a year in order to observe road structure from a distance.

On-road inspection patrol
On-road inspection patrol
Off-road inspection patrol
Off-road inspection patrol

Periodical Inspection

Comprehensive structural inspections by detailed observation of bridges are conducted basically every five years.

Comprehensive inspection of bridge
Comprehensive inspection by approaching to bridge

Evaluation of Structural Deterioration

Typical cases of structural deterioration are shown below.

Evaluation of Structural Deterioration

Damages detected through the inspections are classified into the following categories according to damage severity.

Category Definition
S Severely damaged; should be repaired as soon as possible
A Damaged; should be repaired
B Condition of the damage needs to observed
C Slightly damaged
OK Other than the above