Restoration from the Earthquake

What Was Lost in the Earthquake What Need To Be Passed On and What We Should Create From

At 5:46 on the morning of January 17, 1995, Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake took precious lives and destroyed cherished living of local communities, which will never be forgotten.
The earthquake of a magnitude 7.3 directly beneath the densely populated cities also caused tremendous damage to the Hanshin Expressway.
Under the indescribable catastrophe, each and every one of us struggled every single day to rescue people, do emergency response, and restore the expressway system.

None of us would cry out our emotions or try to justify ourselves with words as "we were confident enough that the structures could withstand earthquake", or "we were proud of ourselves that our roads were reliable enough to protect people's safety".
We will remember that day when we could not stand against the forces of nature. We will remember how powerless human beings are.
Nowadays, although we cannot hope to defeat the force of nature, we have started new technologies in order to prevent natural catastrophes as much as possible.
We human beings may be weak and sometimes, but we have always to keep our hope and struggle with any adversities.

This cenotaph is dedicated to memory of the 16 people who lost their lives in the incidents involving the Hanshin Expressway during Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. With lessons learned from the tragic disaster, we pledge to make concreted efforts to provide roads and road services with increased safety.