"Hanshin Expressway Earthquake Museum" is a facility designed to provide concrete information on Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake occurred in January 1995. "Hanshin Expressway Earthquake Museum" introduces not only the damaged structures but also methods used for reinforcement and removal as preventions of secondly disaster, responses in the 623 days and seismic retrofit, isolation and control technologies invented from the lessons.
This museum works actively for disaster management supports and educational assistance for disaster prevention.

We decided to preserve the damaged structures and display them to future generations, because we believed it was the best social contribution that we could make, and it was our responsibility as the ones who directly confronted the unprecedented catastrophe.

We strongly hope that these valuable data will be widely used both in Japan and overseas to alleviate future damages. For us, this museum can be the symbol of human courage and wisdom.
We see no end to the lessons from which we must learn.